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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Always wanted to...

Inside the tram, Lisbon

1. Be a DJ.

2. Sing back vocals in a band.

3. Drive a tram.

4. Have a room with walls covered with bookshelves, crammed with books.

And you?


  1. Okay, I'll play.

    1. Be part of a Broadway musical.

    2. Kayak down the Amazon River.

    3. Have a lakeside cottage.

    4. Fly a glider.

  2. I like the bit about Broadway musical, sounds so very glamorous! I suppose some of these are easier than achieve than others :)

  3. I meant to achieve, obviously :)

  4. 1. a drummer in a rock band

    2. a movie

    3. ...write a novel

    4. a fireman

  5. I definitely agree with number 4. A professor of mine has an office like this. Makes me very jealous.

    I've always wanted to walk down the middle of a completely deserted highway in the middle of the day.


  6. @Ryan - Some kind of post-apocalypse scenario?

  7. No. I had more in mind that an urban freeway would finally be deemed idiotic and put out of use. And before they tore it down to make use for a park, or better streets. I could walk it.
    A pre-better city scenario. ha!


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